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Upgrade Your Home: 5 Key Signs You Need New Windows

Ever wondered when is the right time to replace your windows and doors? Well, there are plenty of signs that can be an indication to you whether your windows are due for an upgrade or have reached the end of their life cycle. 

High-quality windows are designed to ensure maximum insulation, helping reduce energy costs, provide protection and safety from outside elements, reduce audible noise and help to enhance the overall appearance and aesthetics of your property. If your windows aren’t doing one or more of these, you might need to start thinking of replacing or upgrading your windows.

While the process of replacing windows and door frames can be a big decision, making sure you get the most out of your window’s life cycle can provide you with value for money and added benefits. However, knowing when you need new windows is the most important part of the process. Fortunately, in the following article, we’ll go over five things that can be an indication you might need to replace your windows. 

Window Condensation Between Glass Panes 

Window condensation can be an indication that something is wrong either wrong with the sealants of the windows or the glazing has started losing its effectiveness. The window condensation we’re talking about typically appears on cold days and has the resemblance of “sweat” on the glass. 

There are two types of condensations to look out for: 

Interior condensation: The presence of condensation inside your windows on extremely cold days, typically occurs during winter months. 

Exterior condensation: Condensation that forms on the outside of glass panes during warmer months, while the inside of the house may be cooler. 

One recommendation would be to replace the seals of the window panes to help better insulate the window frames. Additionally, you can look at replacing your windows with double glazed windows using using uPVC window frames for maximum efficiency.

Recurring Coldness Or Drafts 

Have you noticed any cold drafts flow through your house even when you’ve closed all of the windows? Are there times when you hear wind noises, such as a humming noise of wind being blown over the opening of a bottle? 

Windows that don’t close properly, or even have broken seals can be a leading cause for recurring cold drafts in your home. Not only this, but you might’ve noticed that your energy bills have been higher recently, especially during the colder months. 

Having a broken window, or even a broken window seal can increase the load on your home’s HVAC system, leading to higher energy bills. This might be the perfect time to start thinking of replacement windows near you that can help to better insulate your home. 

Failte Windows and Doors offers a wide selection of affordable windows and doors, including uPVC windows, casement windows, flush casement windows and timber frame windows. Our frames are made to last, providing you value for money and are made to measure. We do window and door fitting for the Lothian and surrounding areas

Faulty Operating Mechanisms

Windows that are difficult to operate can be frustrating. Opening and closing windows should always be a seamless experience. If you’re having a hard time doing even the simplest of tasks, such as opening or closing your windows, then it might be time to consider replacing your windows or looking for a window supplier near you that can provide you with excellent service and value for money. 

The fully reversible window is one of our popular window options for multi-story properties. The window features a 180-degree reversible opening mechanism and pivots within the axis of the hinges. Even more, the fully reversible window hinges without protruding into the room, allowing for easy and safe cleaning of external glass. 

Another option could be a double-hung window which usually features two sashes that slide for efficient ventilation. These windows are stylish and provide maximum ventilation, with the sashes tilting for quick and easy cleaning. 

All of your windows should be easy to operate, with minimal effort. Hinges and sashes should be made from high-quality durable materials to provide you with a maximum life cycle, and long-lasting durability.

Poor Insulation and Energy Efficiency 

According to one estimate, homes that have not been properly insulated or have been rated F on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scale will pay on average £1,000 more per year on utility and electric bills. 

Having the right windows can make all the difference. Windows made from high-quality materials that have been properly sealed and installed can help insulate your home better and improve the energy efficiency of your overall home. 

FWD Glazing is a supplier of Thermlock technology, a window and door design that helps to keep your home warmer during the winter due to its innovative thermal efficiency design that helps to keep your house insulated. 

For better insulation, and to ensure that your energy bills are kept to a minimum, consider replacing your existing windows with one of our glazing options. 

Double Glazing

The double glazed window is the most popular and widely used option. There are two different products, including the A-rated standard option, and the upgradeable A+ option. 

Triple Glazing 

For added benefit, and investing in the long-term efficiency of your home, consider installing triple glazing which is rated A+ or A++. These windows tightly seal your home and keep out any unwanted cold. Glazed windows tend to have higher window energy ratings, helping to keep those heating bills low.

Secondary Glazing

A more cost-effective option would be to install secondary glazing. This option is often only limited to certain listed buildings. 

Higher Frequency Of Outside Noise

Have you noticed that the noise coming from the road is a lot louder than usual?  Maybe the conversations passer-buyers are having in front of your house are becoming a lot more audible when you’re sitting inside. These are all ways of your windows trying to tell you something – you might need to look at replacing them in the near future. 

Having a crack in your window, or even a broken slat can lead to openings in the window frame, allowing sounds and other noise to travel into your home. Not only this, but these small cracks can lead to bigger problems, including condensation buildup, mould, or even rust. 

Replacing a broken window is now easier than ever with FWD Glazing. We provide efficient service right at your doorstep. When you call us up, we’ll come to your home for a consultation, and provide you with expert advice on what you will most likely need to do. 

Our team are experts and have undergone the necessary training and certification to provide you and your family with high-quality customer and installation services. FWD Glazing is here to ensure your home remains secure, comfortable and cost-effective. Don’t let window woes linger – arm yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your home’s windows. 

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