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Best Materials To Choose For Front Doors When Renovating


When planning for home renovation, choosing the right material for your doors is one of the most important decisions that you make as it determines the appearance, efficiency, and security of your home. We offer a wide range of front door colour options, including anthracite grey, slate grey, Chartwell green, black, white, oak, darkwood, cream, grey, duck egg blue, poppy red, and black brown, to ensure your front door complements your home perfectly. The front door is usually the first point of contact between your home and the outside world, and it has the added responsibility of being an insulator and a regulator of heat. At FWD Glazing, we are aware of the significance of this decision, and, therefore, provide clients with various options such as composite front doors, uPVC front doors, wooden front doors, and aluminium front doors. Each of them has their advantages, so you can easily choose the option that will be suitable for the renovation of your home. No matter if you are looking for a material that is as durable as it is low maintenance or a material that is as modern as it is innovative, FWD Glazing will have the perfect product for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Replacement Front Door Materials


One important consideration when choosing door materials is durability. The door panel plays a crucial role in the door’s durability, influencing its ability to withstand severe weather and daily wear and tear. A robust door can endure severe weather, everyday use, and wear and tear over time without needing to be replaced frequently.


Different materials need different amounts of upkeep. For example, wooden doors may require routine treatment and care to avoid weather damage and maintain their beauty, but uPVC doors are regarded for being low-maintenance.


The door material’s aesthetic appeal might improve the curb appeal of your house. Think about the various alternatives for style and design, including the contemporary beauty of aluminium doors or the traditional appearance of wooden front doors.


The budget is an invariable factor. Even though some materials, like composite doors, could cost more up front, over time their limited maintenance requirements and durability might make them a better deal.


When selecting a front door, security is crucial. A composite door offers enhanced security features, including a multi-point locking system, which makes them more difficult to break into. To protect your home, choose materials that can include strong security measures like reinforced structures and multi-point locking systems.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency can have a big impact on your heating and cooling bills. Because of their superior insulating qualities, materials like composite and uPVC help to lower energy costs and maintain the perfect interior temperature.

Composite Front Doors

A composite front door is made of a combination of door materials that can offer great durability, security, and thermal efficiency. They are constructed of wood, insulating foam, and a weather and warp resistant outer skin which is commonly GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic). These high quality front doors are much more durable than the traditional wooden doors and need much less maintenance, and they are also more thermally efficient which saves money on heating. They also incorporate improved security features with multiple lock points, which makes them ideal for homeowners who want both strength and style. This is further complemented by the fact that they are designed in a way that they come in a variety of colours and designs.

uPVC Front Doors

uPVC front doors have gained popularity due to their high durability and the fact that they do not need much attention in terms of maintenance. Front and back doors play a crucial role in energy efficiency, with A-rated Door Set Energy Ratings (DSER) ensuring optimal thermal insulation. They are an ideal option for any home since they don’t rust, rot or even warp. uPVC doors are well insulated and this makes them ideal for energy conscious remodelers since they will not be required to spend much on energy bills. They are versatile and can be incorporated into various architectural designs, ranging from classical and traditional to modern and contemporary. In addition, uPVC doors are available in a wide variety of colours and surfaces, which means that a homeowner can easily match the appearance of the door to the exterior of the house. They are widely used in both exterior and interior doors because of their affordability and versatility.

White UPVC front door decorative glass design

Wooden Front Doors

Timber doors have a traditional and elegant look and feel, providing natural insulation and a natural ambiance. They can be made from different types of wood, including solid hardwoods such as oak and mahogany that are hard wearing and sturdy, and engineered woods that provide greater dimensional stability and resistance to moisture and humidity. Although a wooden front door gives a certain charm and sophistication, they need constant maintenance in order to remain in good condition and to look like new. They require periodic treatments like staining or painting to shield them from moisture, UV radiation, and pests.

Grey Wooden Door

Aluminium Front Doors

As one of the best choices available to homeowners, aluminium front doors are known to be incredibly strong and durable. A secure and well-insulated entrance door is crucial for protecting your home and improving thermal performance. Their ability to resist rust and corrosion ensures that they are long-lasting and will not require frequent maintenance. Also, due to great design flexibility, aluminium allows for the production of modern looking structures that incorporate large amounts of glass and thin profiles. This material provides enhanced security and thermal performance, as well as contributing to a contemporary aesthetic.

Cost Considerations

When choosing door materials, consider the breakdown of costs: uPVC doors are typically the most affordable, while composite and aluminium doors come at a higher price point. External front doors, including composite front doors, wooden front doors, and PVC front doors, can vary significantly in cost based on their materials and construction properties. Wooden doors vary depending on the type of wood used. Although composite and aluminium doors have higher upfront costs, they offer long-term value through durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency savings.

Tips for Choosing the Right Door Material for Your Home

Selecting the right door involves matching the door style to your home’s architecture. There is a wide variety of door styles and door colours available, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your home. For instance, traditional wooden doors complement classic and period properties, while sleek aluminium or composite doors suit modern designs. Practical considerations based on location and climate are also essential; uPVC and composite doors are ideal for areas with high humidity or harsh weather due to their durability and low maintenance. Additionally, consider the level of insulation required for your region to ensure energy efficiency. By aligning style and practicality, you can find the perfect door for your home.

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