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Introduction to Broxburn

Broxburn is a vibrant town in West Lothian, with a rich history and a modern way of life. Broxburn is a vibrant and expanding town, and its residents understand the need of maintaining and even upgrading their homes. Broxburn now has access to expert home improvement services and a top of the range line of windows and doors from FWD Glazing that are tailored to the demands of the area. FWD Glazing offers an extensive range of products, including discount aluminium doors and windows, made to measure slimline aluminium windows, and a variety of uPVC doors and frames. Our commitment to excellence is obvious in every service we provide, from door installation to installing double glazing. Investing in high-quality windows and doors raises the value of a home and improves the comfort and energy efficiency of Broxburn’s housing stock.

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About FWD Glazing

FWD Glazing has established itself as a reliable source of high-quality glazing solutions. With years of industry experience, our organisation is committed to providing outstanding quality and client satisfaction. Our services cover a wide spectrum and include double glazing, window replacements, and superior door installations, including Apeer, bifold choices, and composite doors. Our expertise includes uPVC sash and case windows, aluminium casement windows, and energy-efficient double and triple glazing. At FWD Glazing, we put an emphasis on innovation, reliability, and workmanship, making sure that every project satisfies the highest requirements and improves the aesthetics and functionality of Broxburn homes.

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Double Glazing and Triple Glazing in Broxburn

Better security, less noise pollution, and increased energy efficiency are just a few advantages that double glazing provides to Broxburn homes. The use of double and triple glazing window panes helps reduce condensation by minimizing the cold on the inner pane of glass. Because of the extra layer of glass, houses are better insulated and stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Triple glazing extends these advantages even further, offering excellent insulation and comfort. At FWD Glazing, we provide a wide range of customisation options to fit any type of house, including various frame materials like aluminium and uPVC as well as a variety of styles and finishes. Our custom glazing options guarantee that every installation perfectly meets the functional and aesthetic needs of Broxburn residences.

Apeer Doors

Apeer doors are some of the best in the market when it comes to strength, security, and thermal performance. These doors are strong, have the latest locking mechanisms, and are well insulated, which makes them ideal for use in Broxburn homes. Apeer doors come in different designs and can be painted or stained to fit the appearance of any home. Broxburn residents will be able to enjoy both beauty and utility for many years to come because of their extremely durable surfaces and ease of maintenance.

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Window Replacements

For Broxburn homes to remain comfortable and energy efficient, then window replacements are inevitable. New windows offer numerous benefits, including improved lifespan and quality, especially when made from high-quality materials and maintained properly. Old or damaged windows may cause significant heat loss and higher energy consumption. FWD Glazing offers a comprehensive solution for window replacement to guarantee that every project is customised to the client’s specifications. Our experienced employees utilise the best-quality products and innovative methods of installation to provide better insulation, enhanced security, and a modern look to each house.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors

Bifold Doors in Scotland

Bifold doors are a terrific addition to Scottish homes, providing seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. They offer increased natural light, improved ventilation, and a contemporary design. Bifold doors from FWD Glazing come in a wide variety of materials, colours, and configurations to fit any type of home. Because of their strength and thermal efficiency, our bifold doors are a great option for enhancing the look and feel of houses in Broxburn and surrounding areas.


uPVC Sash and Case Windows

uPVC sash windows are elegant and replicate the classic looks of a traditional sash window while providing superior thermal efficiency, sound proofing, and easy cleaning. uPVC windows are known for their durability and efficiency, making them a cost-effective choice compared to other materials like aluminium. These windows are perfect for maintaining the traditional aesthetics of Victorian homes while enjoying modern technology.

uPVC case windows are functional and elegant, they can be fabricated in different styles to fit the architectural needs of a building. They are characterised by better energy performance, security, and ease of use. With so many colours and finishes to choose from, Broxburn consumers can find the perfect solutions for their homes at FWD Glazing.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium Casement Windows

Aluminium casement windows are very strong, durable, and have a modern look and feel to them. Aluminium frames help with heat regulation, energy savings, carbon footprint improvement, and better insulation against noise and temperature variations. They offer good thermal performance, security, and have a low maintenance requirement. These casement windows are ideal for the houses in Broxburn since they are durable and can easily withstand the harshest of weathers without fading. Also, aluminium casement windows provide a sleek appearance that helps improve the exterior looks of any building. Different styles and finishes are available in the market and it is not hard to find one that will suit the architecture of the house and the taste of the homeowners.

Golden Oak UPVC back door catflap

uPVC Doors

FWD Glazing has a variety of uPVC doors available and these doors are long-lasting, energy efficient and also secure. They are available in different designs, be it the traditional designs or the modern ones, making it easier for homeowners to find the right doors for their homes. Some of the options that are available include colour, finish and hardware and therefore clients are able to get their doors made to their desired specifications. Broxburn uPVC doors are not only beautiful to look at but have many advantages, making them ideal for any home.

Local Window Companies

Choosing a local window company in Broxburn guarantees personalised service, rapid response times, and a thorough grasp of the area’s unique requirements. FWD Glazing takes great pride in its dedication to customer satisfaction and local expertise. Our crew is experienced with Broxburn’s architectural styles and climate issues, allowing us to offer customised solutions, including options like Georgian bars for a touch of classic yet contemporary elegance.

Whether you are looking for aluminium windows and doors near me or UPVC options for your Broxburn home, FWD Glazing is your go-to for a wide range of windows and doors.


Energy Efficient Solutions

FWD Glazing is dedicated to improving energy conservation in properties across Broxburn. Our energy-efficient solutions are suitable for both traditional and contemporary properties, offering customization options to fit the architectural style of modern homes. Our range of windows and doors are energy efficient, meaning homeowners can save on heating costs. With the use of modern insulation solutions and premium materials, our products allow owners to save considerable amounts of energy for heating and cooling while providing comfort and environmental friendliness.


Choosing FWD Glazing in Broxburn ensures superior products, experienced installation, and great customer service. Our extensive selection of energy-efficient windows and doors improves your home’s aesthetics and usability. For a quote or consultation, get in touch with us right away and discover the FWD Glazing difference.