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Fire Rated Doors

The safety and well-being of your family should be your top priority when choosing both the style and type of doors to install in your home. With a fire rated door, you will have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event of a fire, your fire rated pocket door will help support you with the needed protection, allowing enough time for safe evacuation and supporting fire-fighting activities. 

Colour Options

We have a range of colour and door sizes based on your preferred design.

What is a fire-rated door? 

There are many reasons why you should consider installing fire door linings in your home, office or any other building that sees large volumes of foot traffic each day.

Why use fire-rated doors?

many new building regulations often require specific structures such as public buildings, hospitals, offices and factories to follow specific building regulations and install the necessary fire doors. 


While it’s important to check local building guidelines and regulations for residential premises, a fire-rated door has several primary purposes: 

  • Allow egress from a space affected by a potential fire. 

  • Automatically close once the door has been released. 

  • Provide protection for occupants and escape routes affected by fire, smoke or harmful gases. 

  • Assist in limiting the supply of oxygen available in a room. 

  • Ensure a slower spread of flames and fire due to decreased oxygen and wind flow. 

FWD Glazing understands the importance of having the right team of experts by your side when choosing a fire-rated door. Our selection of fire rated doors can be fitted with a fire rated door frame, handles, knobs and glass. 


Protect Your Property with FWD Glazing Fire Rated Doors

We provide a comprehensive selection of top-quality fire-rated doors designed to safeguard your home or business. We offer expert advice and installation to ensure your doors meet the most stringent fire safety standards. 

FWD Fire-Rated Door Options

We take your safety seriously, and over the years we have built an extensive catalogue of fire-rated door options suited for interior and exterior spaces, including residential or commercial buildings.

  1. Fire-rated glass doors: Combine safety and natural light.

  2. Fire-rated steel doors: Unrivalled strength and security.

  3. Fire-rated external/interior doors: Wide design choices to suit your décor.

  4. Fire-rated pocket doors: Space-saving, stylish functionality.

  5. Fire-rated double doors: For grand entrances that value safety.


Why Choose Fire-Rated Doors?

Essential safety: Whether you have a standard fire door or even a fire rated sliding door, this type of door can help to contain the flames and smoke, allowing occupants more time to evacuate the premises and further minimise any property damages that may incur during the fire. 


Peace of mind: Knowing that you have taken proactive and practical measures against any potential fire outbreaks will help provide you with some peace of mind. More than this, knowing that your family may be protected against an unlikely fire outbreak will leave you feeling relaxed. 


Compliance: In some instances, local building guidelines and regulations require the installation of fire-rated doors and fire-rated door frames. A person may be required to install other fire safety measures such as handles, glass or a fire-rated steel door. As a contractor, or perhaps someone doing additions to their house and business, it’s essential to review all local building and fire regulations, especially for commercial spaces. 


Fire Rated Door Hardware and Accessories

A fire-rated door should always be accompanied with the necessary accessories, such as handles, knobs, linings and frames. 

  1. Fire-rated door closers: Auto-closure for safety (including concealed options).

  2. Fire-rated door handles, hinges, knobs: Fire door handles are designed wit withstand extreme heat.

  3. Fire-rated door linings: Essential for effective fire containment.

Why choose FWD Glazing? 

Our teams have been carefully trained to ensure all of our clients receive a top-quality service, right from the very first consultation to the completion of a project. We’ve spent years better understanding the importance of fire-rated doors, and have built a consortium of fire-rated doors, fire-rated sliding doors and fire-rated door accessories for you to choose from. 

  • Fire Experts: We pride ourselves in being your fire safety specialists in Broxburn. 

  • Expert Knowledge: Our teams can help you select the perfect fire doors to match your needs. 

  • High-quality Products: Our range of fire-rated doors and accessories has been meticulously sourced from trusted manufacturers across the United Kingdom. 

  • Flawless installation: We ensure compliance and long-lasting performance of all our doors, including fire-rated doors. 

  • Competitive pricing: FWD Glazing offers top-quality fire safety doors at the best possible prices that fit your budget. 

Make the fire-smart choice, and secure your property with fire-rated doors. Our team of experts are highly trained and ready to assist you. You can now contact FWD Glazing in Broxburn for a free consultation and quote. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind they deserve with FWD Glazing. 

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