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FWD Glazing Windows and Doors, a trusted local supplier in Lothian and surrounding areas prides itself on delivering superior service with top-of-the-range products. 

In this article, we invite you to discover more about the timeless craftsmanship of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors.

Choosing the Right Windows for Your Home

It would be best to consider these things when selecting the appropriate windows for your home. 


Windows play a significant role in defining your home’s overall appearance. The right window style and design can complement the architectural style, enhance the exterior aesthetics, and create a harmonious visual appeal. 

Selecting windows that align with your home’s aesthetic vision can significantly change and boost its overall value and make a lasting impression. So, consider this factor before you buy or change your window.

Functionality and Comfort

Windows are essential for maintaining a comfortable and functional living space. Properly selected windows can facilitate natural light, ventilation, and views, all contributing to a pleasant indoor and outdoor environment. 

Energy Efficiency

Windows can significantly impact the energy efficiency of your home. Poorly insulated or outdated windows can result in air leaks, heat transfer, and increased energy consumption. 

Choosing energy-efficient windows with Low-E glass, multiple glazing layers, and proper insulation can help regulate indoor temperatures. It also reduces reliance on artificial heating and cooling and substantially saves energy. 

Noise Reduction

Living in a noisy area or near busy streets can be bothersome. Opting for windows with soundproofing properties can help minimise external noise infiltration, creating a peaceful and serene indoor environment. 

The right window or door can dampen noise pollution, allowing you to enjoy a quieter home.

Long-Term Durability and Maintenance 

Investing in high-quality windows ensures long-term durability and reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements. 

Well-crafted windows made from robust materials withstand the test of time, extreme weather conditions, and daily wear and tear.

Understanding different window styles

When it comes to popular  styles, there are three options that homeowners often consider:

Alu Clad 

Alu-clad combines the benefits of two materials, aluminium and wood. The exterior side of the window frame is constructed with durable aluminium, which provides excellent weather resistance and low maintenance. 

The frame is made of wood on the interior, offering a warm and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Aluminium windows are renowned for their sleek and modern appearance. They are known for their strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for areas with harsh weather conditions. 

Aluminium frames can be designed with slim profiles, allowing for larger glass areas and maximising natural light. 


These are made from a rigid, durable, lightweight plastic material with excellent thermal insulation and noise-reduction properties. 

uPVC windows are available in various styles, including casement, sliding, and tilt-and-turn, offering versatility to suit different architectural designs. 

They are resistant to rot, corrosion, and fading, making them a practical choice for homeowners seeking long-lasting, low-maintenance windows.


Timbers are crafted from solid wood, typically hardwood or softwood, and offer a warm and inviting aesthetic that can enhance the character of any home. 

These windows can be customised to match specific architectural styles, and they come in various designs, including casement, sash, and tilt-and-turn.

The Different Types of Doors

There are lots of door options that you can choose from, and here are some of them:

Sliding Doors

Large glass panels slide horizontally on a track system, creating an expansive opening and maximising natural light. Sliding doors are favoured for their space-saving characteristics, as they don’t require any swing space like traditional hinged doors. 

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are well-suited for connecting interior and exterior spaces, such as patios, gardens, or balconies. Bi-fold doors often provide a wide opening, enabling seamless indoor and outdoor living area integration.

Composite Doors

These doors offer the aesthetic appeal of traditional wooden doors while providing enhanced durability, security, and low maintenance. Composite doors are available in various styles, designs, and finishes, allowing you to choose a door that complements your home’s architecture and personal taste. 

Choosing the Appropriate Door for Your Home

There are several aspects to consider before purchasing a FWD Glazing door, and our team of experts is here to assist you throughout the process. Here are some factors worth considering:

Style and Design

The door you choose should harmonise with the architectural style of your home. Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or modern design, ensure the entry complements the overall aesthetic of your home. 

Size and Configuration

Measure the dimensions of the door opening accurately to ensure a proper fit. Consider whether you need a single or double-door configuration, and determine the swing direction (inward or outward) best suits your home’s space and traffic flow. 

Additionally, consider information such as the width of hallways and manoeuvrability for ease of installation and use.


Determine your budget range before searching for a new door. Consider the cost of the door itself, installation charges, additional features, and any customisation options. 

It’s important to balance quality control, aesthetics, and affordability to find the best door within your budget.

Why Choose FWD Glazing?

FWD Glazing Windows & Doors offers exceptional service and top-of-the-line products in Lothian and surrounding areas.  

With versatile windows suited for high-rise buildings and a range of options for contemporary and traditional properties, we prioritise innovative design and convenience. 


At FWD Glazing Windows and Doors, we take pride in being your trusted local supplier in the Lothian and surrounding areas. We have much to offer to make your house look its best.

Our goal is to deliver superior service and provide you with top-of-the-range products. With our decades of experience, our highly skilled team ensure that your home renovation projects run smoothly through open communication and specific information. 

When choosing the right windows for your home, we understand the importance of enhancing aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, noise reduction, and long-term durability.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re here for you. Get in touch today to find out more.