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How To Prepare Your Home For The Warmer Climate & Lower Your Energy Bill

Households in the United Kingdom are considered to be among the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, accounting for 26 per cent of total emissions in the UK. Moreover, Scotland has the third largest domestic emissions per capita as of 2020, according to the Office for National Statistics

Our homes play a massive part in the process of making a difference, however, being among the biggest sources of carbon emissions, things such as heating and cooling are often considered to be the major causes of greenhouse gas emissions, per residency basis. With the summer months fast approaching, many households will begin switching off their heating and turning on their cooling instead. 

The Cost Of Keeping Cool

Not only is heating and cooling one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions, they can quickly become a financial burden on a household’s energy bill. 

According to several sources, the cost of running a Split AC wall unit can cost anything from £0.11p per hour, £19.65 per week and up to £78.62 per month. A more affordable option would be a portable AC unit with running costs starting from £0.24p per hour which translates to £5.82 a day and up to £162.9 a month if used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

On average, a standard desktop electric fan is considered to be the most affordable, costing anywhere from £0.67p to £1.15 per week. The most expensive out of all these options is the Ducted AC ceiling unit with running costs starting as low as £1.22p per hour, and adding up to more than £819.84 per month.

Keeping cool during summer has become costly, and for many households, saving as much as possible is becoming more and more of a priority. Fortunately, there are some other, less expensive things households can do this summer to help keep their homes cool and fresh, while simultaneously keeping their energy bills to a minimum. 

Properly Seal Up Windows 

One of the best ways to keep cool this summer, and help make your home more energy efficient is by sealing up windows and doors that may have caulking leaks around uPVC window frames. 

Caulk leaks can cause cool air to escape in or out of the house, either through cracks and small gaps that may be present around a window frame, electrical outlets, attic hatches and unsealed sunroofs. By sealing off these openings, you’ll cut off the possibility of air leaking out, and make your home less draughty, which will help keep your house warm during colder months. 

As one of the best, and perhaps most trusted windows and doors suppliers in West Lothian, FWD Glazing is a firm believer in keeping all windows and doors both air and watertight. Any small crack or leak can have an impact on your home’s cooling, or heating, and can quickly leave your energy bills skyrocketing. 

Before deciding whether you want to replace your current windows with something such as modern uPVC windows or more modern design windows, consider inspecting the condition of the sealant around the glass and the frames first. 

If you notice any small cracks or areas where the sealant is completely worn out, consider replacing the caulking material with something more reliable, or properly sealing your windows with the right materials and professional assistance. 

Routinely clean ventilation air filters

Routine maintenance on your home’s cooling systems will help save you a bunch of money. Before the summer season kicks in, make sure that you have cleaned, replaced and inspected all of the filters in your air conditioners, including portable and smaller in-door systems. 

Maintenance will help ensure that your air conditioners don’t work harder than they need to, which can result in pulling more energy and bulking up energy bills. Depending on the model and manufacturer of your AC units, you may be able to clean and reuse the filters, while some other models’ filters may need to be replaced.

You can reach out to a professional for evaluation of your system, and take their advice. In most instances, a proper clean and routine inspection will ensure that your air conditioning is working as efficiently as possible. 

Replace outdated doors and frames 

For a more permanent solution, consider replacing doors that are worn and weathered out. Instead, opt to replace your doors with something more modern and energy-efficient that will help you save on your energy bills, while giving your home that aesthetic appeal. 

For instance, you can replace exterior doors with something more modern that has a solid build and frame. Opt for something that has a small ventilation gap at the bottom and that suits your style best. 

Additionally, you can consider replacing exterior doors as well, such as patio sliding doors or semi-exterior French doors that may lead out to the garden. These doors are not only appealing to a lot of homeowners, but they can provide the necessary protection and insulation that any home requires. 

Moreover, double glazed uPVC windows, or a double glazed window can help to keep warmer or colder air inside for longer. These double glazed windows will keep cold air in the winter months outside, and new uPVC windows wiht triple glazing provides unmatched thermal efficiency.

Opt for more energy-efficient appliances 

Replacing your doors and windows isn’t the only thing you can do to keep cool this summer. Instead, when shopping around for new appliances, be sure to do a bit of research beforehand, which will help you compare the difference between each appliance, including both the energy rating and its price. 

When buying a new appliance, make sure to look for its energy label. An energy label is a visible label that has been stuck on the appliance and will indicate the energy consumption of each appliance, and often comparing it to similar appliances. 

An energy label can be easy to understand, and usually gives you a rating on a scale of A to G, with A being the most efficient class, and G being the least efficient. Some larger appliances may have a scale that runs from A+++ to G, with A+++ being the most efficient option. 

By understanding how these labels work, and replacing older, more bulky cooling systems and appliances, you can have better control over the amount of energy your appliances use. 

Frequently open windows and doors 

Instead of constantly blasting the indoor air conditioner, or leaving your fan running the whole time, take more advantage of your windows and doors by opening them during the day and keeping them ajar at night. 

For days that are not necessarily too warm, crack open a window and the patio door to allow a fresh breeze and drought to pull through the house. Additionally, if you have a sunroof that can be opened, make sure to keep it open during the day to allow hot air to escape through it. Keeping your sunroof open during the night can be another way to help keep your house cool. 

When possible, sleep with an open window to help cool down your room. When possible, try not to use the air conditioner for too long, or leave a cooling system such as a fan running throughout the night. This can run up costs, and you might find yourself sleeping with the air conditioner running, while a door or window is open, leaving cold air to escape through open cracks. 

Keeping cool this summer, without having your energy bill shoot through the roof doesn’t have to take a lot of work. Make sure that you inspect all your uPVC windows and doors before the warmer season approaches, and allow a professional to fill up any cracks and leaks that may be present in the frames. 

Make the smarter choice this summer, and get yourself the professional assistance you need. FWD Glazing in West Lothian provides exceptional service for all your windows and door needs. Our experienced team can assist with all your windows needs. We specialise in more than double glazing or uPVC windows supply – our skills include measure uPVC windows, a wide range of colour options, various locking system for windows, grey uPVC windows and triple glazed black uPVC windows. Anything you can think, we supply and provide excellent service without compromise on uPVC quality.