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Save on Your Bills with FWD Glazing Windows and Doors

More of us are having to deal with higher energy bills this winter, as energy and gas prices continue to rise on the back of an almost three-year-long energy crisis. 

New figures show that the average annual energy bill under the Ofgem price cap will soar to an average of £1,928 during January and March 2024. Since last year, prices have risen by £94, after the Ofgem price cap for October to December 2023 was set at around £1,834 annually. 

Not only are prices rising faster, but more homes are being plunged into fuel poverty according to the National Energy Action (NEA). 

In September 2023, more than 6.5 million households were considered to be in fuel poverty, a steady increase from October 2021, when NEA estimated that roughly 4.5 million households across the country were unable to afford heat. 

Considering the rate at which energy bills have risen in recent years, and with the UK recording its warmest January on record, now is the time to start thinking more economically and environmentally about your home, and preventing any heat generated from fuel escaping through leaky windows or doors. 

Taking action: Keeping out the cold and saving money 

Having an energy-efficient home is more than switching off the lights when you’re not home, or unplugging appliances that aren’t being used. In fact, heating is one of the biggest contributors to our energy bills annually. 

Figures provided by the government estimate that around 18% of heat generated inside a home is either lost through windows, doors and the roof. Replacing old, leaky, and outdated windows and doors will not only help give your home a much-needed facelift, but in the long term, these measures will help cut energy costs and help your home become more energy efficient. 

While there are several measures you can take to prevent any interior heat from escaping outward, one of the most reliable, and perhaps affordable ways of protecting your home from the elements, while keeping your energy bills low and doing your part in saving the environment is by using glazed windows and doors across your home. 

Glazed Windows 

FlushSash Windows

A popular choice among homeowners looking for a high-quality, energy-efficient and secure window replacement is FlushSash Windows. FWD Glazing only uses high-grade materials for FlushSash Windows, including timber and uPVC. As the name suggests, FlushSash Windows can be tightly closed, and runs flush against the frame, giving your home a modern and sleek design. These windows are available in an extensive range of configurations, colours and designs, with a choice of double or A++ glazing options depending on your needs. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows are designed with the elements in mind, and constructed with timber sustainably sourced from Scandinavia. Window planes are fitted with high-grade glazing, helping to further uplift the energy efficiency and acoustic performance of casement windows. 

Casement windows can be designed with a top-hung window, side hung and French window option. We take extra caution in designing each window individually to the needs of your home. Each configuration can be designed using A+ rated double glazing or A+ triple glazing glass, which can help you achieve thermal efficiency.

These high-performance windows are available in flush casement configuration or storm casement configuration. Both options will give you added peace of mind, and increased security credentials. Not only this, but these windows are made with a high level of craftsmanship that can be customised with internal and external beading, and decorative internal mouldings on the sash, frame and glazing bars.

Aluminium Classic Windows

Our years of innovation and building experience at FWD Glazing ensures that we can create long-lasting, warmer and more secure windows for your home. Aluminium classic windows are built to withstand the test of time and can be designed and tailored to your needs. 

Our range of aluminium classic windows is built with Thermlock multi-chamber thermal lock, a patented construction method that increases security measures and helps keep your home insulated. Aluminium classic windows can be designed with slim frames, allowing for more natural light on sunny days to flood into your home, and further expressing the character of your home. 

What materials can help reduce your energy bill? 

FWD Glazing uses only high-grade materials for all our doors and windows. We encourage our customers to explore each option carefully and to choose a design and configuration that best suits their long-term needs at competitive prices.

Alu Clad 

This material is a highly durable aluminium cladding that can help elevate the facade of your home and provide a more modern finish to the exterior. Alu Clad is mainly constructed from fine timber joinery on the inside, and a polyester powdered aluminium finish on the outside. 

Alu Clad is made-to-measure and can be customised with an array of design features, hardware and energy-efficient glazing options. Unlike traditional Alu Clad options, our ranges are designed and engineered timber frames that extend their lifespan by an additional 10 years and is considered a top quality product for internal doors, external doors and window style.


A suitable choice for any homeowner looking for something lightweight, strong, and provides a sufficient level of insulation. More than this, aluminium is a durable material that is resistant to corrosion, giving you more value for money and a wider variety of designs to choose from. 

Aluminium frames tend to withstand extreme weather conditions, including scorching heat, and freezing temperatures. These frames are durable, and the powder coating will help prevent water from seeping into the frame and causing rot or cracks. 

Design a range of custom windows and doors that fit the needs of your property and family. Create large windows that allow a flood of natural light, or small box windows perfect for a fresh breeze on a summer’s morning. Aluminium windows are customisable and can be fitted with various glazing options provided by our team at FWD Glazing.. 


Wood is considered to be a natural insulator for heat. More than this, timber frames bring a special quality to a modern property, creating warmth and character, while having versatility at the same time. While aesthetics may be important, timber frames are strong and renewable, with all our softwood sustainably sourced and responsibly managed by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forests in Northern Scandinavia. 

FWD Glazing provides a range of traditionally crafted, made-to-measure, and modern timber window and door frames. Timber window panes and external doors can be fitted with high-quality glazed windows, leaving your home feeling warmer, and helping introduce more energy-efficient efforts to lower your electric bill. Timber frames are the perfect choice for restoration projects, historic properties or even modern homes for a touch of sophistication to your front door.

Maximise Energy Efficiency with FWD Glazing 

We pride ourselves in providing you and your family with energy-efficient glazing, designed and manufactured from high-grade materials that are sustainably sourced and managed. 

Double Glazing 

Considered a standard staple option among many customers, double glazing is usually categorised either as A-rated or upgradeable to A+. 

Triple Glazing 

For a more energy-efficient home, triple glazing helps to trap heat and provides sufficient ventilation. Ratings can range from A+ to A++.

Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is considered to be a cost-effective window replacement option and provides sufficient insulation when you need it the most. 

Save on your energy bills this year 

Looking to side-step high energy bills this year? Well, consider investing in affordable windows and doors that can help to insulate your home more efficiently, and provide necessary ventilation. 

Glazed windows and doors can help reduce energy loss, and prevent you from spending thousands of pounds each year on astronomic energy bills, With a wide selection of windows and doors, including uPVC windows, uPVC doors, double-glazed windows and triple-glazed windows, FWD Glazing is the specialists you need for your home.