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Timber Sliding Sash Windows

The original timber sash windows represent centuries of British craftsmanship, style and classic elegance. Failte Windows and Doors provides a unique selection of sliding sash windows with bespoke features, with modern designs that blend with the sophistication of old-style properties and add classic elegance to modern homes. 

The timeless timber sash windows are made from sturdy, and ethically sourced frames. Traditional wooden sash windows feature multiple window panes, designed and separated by delicate wooden glazing bars. 

Sliding sash windows come in a variety of different styles, each with a unique range of features and design details. For instance, these finely crafted timber sliding sash windows can be internally and externally beaded according to preference. 

Compared to uPVC sliding sash windows and normal uPVC sash windows, the wooden box sash window has an increased life cycle and is considered to be more energy efficient sash windows in the long-term.

Windows can be further customised with a wide range of period details, including traditional, yet stylish arched frames, decorative bars and a plethora of horns and hardware options to choose from. 

FWD Glazing specialised in a choice of distinct sliding sash windows:

timber casement windows

Why Use Box Sash Windows

Homeowners looking for a functional, yet stylish and sophisticated window design, will find practicality with vertical sliding sash windows in their home. 

  • Sliding sash windows are easy to operate.

  • Unlike casement windows, vertical sliding sash windows can’t blow close when opened. 

  • The sliding sash windows provide for both a small and large reveal. 

  • Sliding sash windows are designed for easy cleaning and efficient maintenance. 

  • The price of sliding sash windows gives you added peace of mind and top-quality sliding sash windows. 

  • Heavy duty timber material ensures all mechanisms are securely encased of wooden sash windows.

  • Period style design combined with modern timber and safety features elevated your home, and protects you from the wet British weather. 

Slide and Tilt Sash Windows

Safe and practical sliding sash windows designed for easy cleaning. 

The Slide and Tilt Sash Windows are designed with functionality in mind. These windows operate via pre-tensioned springs, allowing for an additional function of tilting inwards. This design helps to facilitate safe and easy cleaning and sliding sash window maintenance. 

The Slide and Tilt Sash Windows have been classically designed and feature modern practical effects that allow for a more sophisticated finish for all types of properties. 

Cords and Weights

Traditional design and style that provides a sophisticated presence to your home. 

The Cords and Weights sliding sash windows have been used extensively across the United Kingdom since the early seventeenth century. There are reports of vertical sliding sash windows being used as early as the sixteenth century. 

These sliding sash windows are designed to ensure optimal practicality and provide a stunning classical effect with a window operated by cords and weights. 

Each of the sashes can slide either up or down using traditional pulleys and heavy-duty cords fitted with weights. The simplex fittings can be fitted to the bottom of the window sash, allowing the sliding sash windows to open on butterfly hinges for improved cleaning and maintenance. 

The innovative counterbalance weight mechanism allows the window to flawlessly open and close. The use of top-quality materials around the sliding sash windows frames allows for functionality and effortless sophistication. 


Spiral Balance

The Spiral Balance sliding sash windows are ideal for smaller reveals and confined spaces.

Unlike other vertical sliding sash windows, the Spiral Balance sliding sash windows allow for convenient use, design and functionality. The sash window frame is effortlessly designed with period styles combined with modern technology. 

The Spiral Balance Sliding Sash Windows operate with the assistance of partially hidden and pre-tensioned springs. This design allows for easy-to-use operation with a smooth mechanism that provides an alternative for smaller reveals. 

The frame of these vertical sliding sash windows is somewhat smaller, allowing for quick and efficient manoeuvring. Furthermore, the design allows you to use the Spiral Balance sliding sas windows in smaller parts of the house and allows for smaller reveals

Multiple Options for Furniture & Colours


Multiple options for bars, handles, vents and Ironmongery.

Profiles & Glass

Choose from various glass styles and window profiles.

Profiles & Glass

Available in a multitude of colours and finishes to suit your project.

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