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The Best Windows For Summer And Why We Think They’re Great For Winter Too

Finding a suitable balance between keeping your home cool this summer and saving on bills requires you to have the best replacement doors and windows that can also warm up your home in the winter. 

The right set of windows will help to bring down internal temperatures in the summer, without sacrificing natural light or having to cut down on fresh air. Similarly, when the seasons begin to change, you want to have something that can insulate your home, and keep the wet and rainy winter weather at bay. 

These can be tough expectations to fulfil, however, with the right help, we can guide you to finding the appropriate windows and doors for your home. 

Which windows are the best for summer? 

The right windows for summer will depend on your needs and style. Each person will have a specific idea in mind when choosing their replacement windows. Some may opt for more modern windows, while others may choose more traditional timber windows. A

Functionality is key, and in this case, making sure that the right windows are fitted in your home could help you bring down your energy bills and keep your home fresh and cool this summer. 

Classic Aluminum Windows

Let’s start with a stock standard option, which provides homeowners with a warmer, slimmer and more secure window system. The classic aluminium windows are fitted with an innovative Thermlock® multi-chamber thermal break. These aluminium windows offer the best in home security and unsurpassed quality. 

More on this, the slim design of 59mm sightlines makes this a contemporary window with more traditional features. Window designs allow for maximum light, ensuring both winter and summer sunlight can flood your home without restrictions. 

Homeowners can choose between a standard outer frame or a ‘Flush’ frame option. Both of these frame designs ensure maximum insulation, helping to provide your home with the necessary cooling in the summer while sealing off cold weather in the winter. 

uPVC Casement Windows

Another suitable option is uPV casement windows. These window designs are stylish and more importantly, energy efficient. uPVC windows are among the most popular design options for homeowners looking for an affordable, yet reliable replacement window option. 

The wide selection of uPVC windows is suitable for both more modern homes and can easily complement older traditional style homes. The uPVC window is a suitable addition to any home with apeer doors or hallmark doors, providing that stylish aesthetic without compromising on quality and functionality and comes in a wide availbility of different colours.

uPVC double glazing helps to keep your home insulated, while the various configuration options allow homeowners to choose the most suitable option for their home. With various options such as top hung, side hung and French, each specifically designed window can help to keep your home cool, without having too much of a cross-breeze. 

M70 Casement Windows 

Looking for something that will save you money, but still flood your home with natural light, improve ventilation during the summer and leave your home feeling warmer during the winter months? 

The M70 VEKA casement window is a specifically designed and manufactured window configuration that utilises innovative technology for improved security while being stylish and multi-functional at the same time. 

The large window design allows for an abundance of natural light, with various sash sizes (top-hung, side and fixed light) to choose from. Windows are fitted with durable thermal efficient glazing, and the multi-dynamic integration of reinforced steel and aluminium provides additional insulation and security for your home. 

With various colour options to choose from, the M70 casement window is both functional and allows homeowners to achieve maximum energy savings efficiency while keeping their homes stylish with bespoke designs. 

Flush Sash Windows 

Flush sash windows are stylish due to their clean and minimal design. These windows have similar energy efficiency and security as standard uPVC casement windows, however, the simpler look of the window helps to create a discrete design that sits flush within the window frame. 

Homeowners have the option to choose from either timber or uPVC flush window designs. Both have similar benefits, although timber window frames often require slightly more maintenance compared to uPVC windows and doors. 

Nonetheless, a flush sash window in timber or uPVC is available in an assortment of configurations, allowing homeowners to choose from larger window designs to smaller, and more discrete options. Additionally, these windows can be fitted with double or A++ triple glazing to match homeowners’ needs. 

Simple, stylish and discrete, flush sash windows can improve the ventilation of homes when they need it most, such as during warmer summer months, while simultaneously helping to insulate rooms during the winter with the double glazing, and reinforced design. 

Window design features to consider 

When searching around for replacement windows, make sure to take some of the following features into consideration beforehand: 

Window glazing 

Glazing is an essential part of home insulation, with double or triple glazing helping to preserve internal temperatures more effectively. With double or triple glazing, homeowners can achieve maximum energy efficiency in the winter and summer months. Having more energy-efficient glass, your home will stay warmer in the winter, as more warm air can be trapped inside while keeping your home cooler and ventilated in the summer. 


Window configurations play an important role in keeping your home insulated and ventilated throughout the year. For instance, uPVC doubling glazing top hung windows will help bring fresh air into a home during the summer, while keeping residents safe. Side-hung uPVC windows can help bring in more fresh air and improve ventilation while giving your home a more aesthetic appeal.

Low Emissivity 

A low emissivity coating can help your windows make the most of the daytime sunlight. With a low emissivity coating, your home will be flooded with natural light while restricting infrared and ultraviolet rays from increasing the internal temperature of your home. A low-E coating will make your home cooler and is an essential application for homeowners looking to regulate their household temperature more effectively and reduce the need for artificial cooling. 

With a wide variety of options, FWD Glazing has years of experience assisting homowner customers and businesses across the West Lothian and Fife areas. Our windows and doors provide unmatched quality, and our teams offer exceptional service throughout the entire project.

Use a service provider you can trust when making an upgrade to your home this summer. We offer a price that will suit your needs and with a wide range of windows styles, we ensure value for money wiht a uniqueness that will help elevate your house aesthetic come rain or shine.

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