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The craftsmanship of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors

Craftsmanship of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors


Discover the craftsmanship of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors, a trusted local supplier in the Lothian and surrounding areas prides itself on delivering superior service with top-of-the-range products. With decades of experience, our highly skilled and proficient team ensure your project runs smoothly, providing open and straightforward communication.

In this article, we invite you to learn about the timeless craftsmanship of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors.

All About Spectral

One of Spectral’s outstanding qualities is its remarkable durability. It boasts exceptional scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint properties, ensuring its longevity. Additionally, Spectral is designed to withstand UV light exposure, extreme weather conditions, and harsh chemicals, making it exceptionally resilient.

Maintaining Spectral is a breeze as dirt and grime can be effortlessly wiped away, allowing the product to retain its stunning appearance far longer than traditional laminates. Moreover, Spectral distinguishes itself by reflecting less light than typical “flat matt” finishes, resulting in an ultra matt visual effect. By absorbing light rather than reflecting it, this unique light interaction generates a denser and more opulent colour quality, creating an unparalleled and captivating appeal.


Now, let’s talk about the captivating colour options available in Spectral. You have four sophisticated shades: Platinum Grey, Umbra Grey, Anthracite Grey, and Graphite Black. These shades are specially crafted and made to order, so there is a four-week lead time to ensure precision. When it comes to laminating your product, you have flexibility. You can opt for a single-sided lamination manufactured on a White base profile. Alternatively, if you choose to laminate both sides, you can select from a White, Brown, or Caramel base for your product.

The beauty of Spectral is that it can also be seamlessly combined with other colours from the VEKA Group Variations range.
For instance, you can pair a Variations White Woodgrain on the internal face with Spectral in Anthracite Grey on the external face. It allows for endless possibilities to customize and complement your desired aesthetic.

M70 system

The M70 system is all about having a sleek and trendy look that people love. It’s designed with a bevelled shape that adds a cool touch to your windows. But it’s not just about looks – the M70 system is also super smart to keep your home cosy. It has slimmer lines, meaning you can see more of the view outside.

And guess what? It’s even better than aluminium or wood frames because it’s made with PVC. This fancy system has different parts that make it super strong and durable. They even added steel to make it extra secure. Here’s the best part – it helps keep your home warm, so you feel nice and toasty. If you want modern and top-notch front windows and doors, the M70 system is the way to go!

System 10

With its sleek and modern 70mm design, System 10 effortlessly adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any home or business anywhere.

Smart Features

But System 10 is more than just good looks. It’s packed with smart features that make it stand out. The cleverly designed multi-chambered structure ensures exceptional performance, while the inclusion of steel reinforcement provides added strength and security. Not only does System 10 excel in durability and security, but it also delivers impressive thermal benefits. With its energy-efficient design, System 10 helps keep your home comfortable while reducing energy consumption.


Crafted with precision using high-quality VEKA or Halo profiles, the FlushSash Window offers exceptional versatility and undeniable beauty. You can select mechanical or fully welded joints, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your needs.
Modern Benefits. That’s not all – the FlushSash Window brings many modern benefits. Its internal construction boasts multiple chambers, promoting energy efficiency by minimising heat loss.Security features are incorporated to provide peace of mind, while top-notch waterproofing ensures your home remains protected from harsh weather. That’s why it’s one of the top choices of customers when it comes to our range of FWD Glazing windows and doors.

Fully Reversible Window

It’s a special kind of window with a clever design to make your life easier. This window has many little chambers inside, making it strong and energy efficient. They even added steel reinforcement to make it even more secure.
Bevelled shape

You have two options: the VEKA Fully Reversible window, which has a modern design with a cool bevelled shape, or the Halo variant, which sits flush with the frame for a sleek look. These windows are perfect for buildings with multiple floors.
Here’s the cool part – It can pivot within the hinge to avoid sticking out into your room. This means you can clean the outside of the window easily and safely from inside your home. No need for ladders or other windows risking your safety!

Patio Doors

Not only does it boast a visually appealing design, but it also incorporates a plethora of cutting-edge technical features to enhance its functionality, security, and overall performance.

Full Control

The Imagine Patio Door allows you to choose between bevelled or sculptured sashes and customize and change its appearance to suit your unique preferences. Furthermore, it offers full significant control over a wide range of optional configurations, ensuring it can be perfectly tailored to any application you desire.

Imagine Bi-Fold

The Imagine Bi-Fold Doors are extra special because it has a flush finish. That means it looks smooth and neat, with no bumps or anything sticking out. Plus, you can choose different ways to set it up so it fits perfectly wherever you want to use it. It’s like a door that’s made just for you!

So, if you want an amazing door that works well, the FWD Glazing Imagine Bi-Fold Doors is the way to go. It’s all about control and making your place look awesome while keeping you safe and cosy.


These ancillaries can be laminated to precisely match the colour of their profile. The range of laminated mouldings encompasses various options, including coupling covers, cill end caps, frame extensions, and more. You may download a brochure found on this website so you can see other details.


Importantly, these laminated mouldings are designed to be fully compatible with all systems and products featured in the brochure. You may download them later on. It ensures that the company and our business customers can achieve a seamless and polished appearance for any installation, adding a touch of professionalism to their business and the company’ overall business outcome.

FINAL THOUGHTS ON THE Craftsmanship of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors

To wrap it up, FWD Glazing Windows and Doors has much to offer to make your house or Westwood house look its best. We have special laminates called Spectral that are super strong and can resist scratches and dirt.
By choosing FWD Glazing Windows and Doors, you can elevate your space’s appearance, security, and energy efficiency.

Trust us for timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship that will leave a lasting impression on your home or building project. Contact us today for more information and browse our blog section for important updates.