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Alu Clad Timber Bi-Fold Doors

With all the beauty of natural hardwood timber on the inside and an exterior aluminium shell  – alu clad bi-fold doors are the alternative to standard patio or French doors for your home, helping to elevate your space and bring your home to life. 

Modern Design, Innovative Technology 

Designed and engineered with Scandinavian timber frames the alu-clad bi-folding doors are an elegant, yet reliable solution for your home. Practical elements, such as low maintenance and durable exterior aluminium cladding help to protect the timber frames and your home from any unwarranted intrusion. 

A choice of high-performance triple or double glazing options for external bi fold doors gives your home maximum protection against the harshest weather conditions. 

The bifold patio doors provide efficient insulation for your home, compared to other standard patio or French doors. The double or triple glass panes help to insulate your home more effectively, while both the timber frames and aluminium shells help to trap warmth inside and keep the cold out. 

Why choose alu-clad bi-folding doors? 

Alu-clad doors provide you with a two-in-one combination of high-quality materials. The marriage between hardwood timber and low-maintenance aluminium doors cladding has a long life cycle, meaning you will save on upkeep and maintenance costs over the long term. 

Other advantages of alu-clad timber doors include: 

  1. Provides excellent thermal insulation. 

  2. Durable materials ensure better protection compared to single materials. 

  3. High-quality and low-maintenance cladding requires minimal upkeep. 

  4. Improved torsional rigidity. 

  5. Exterior bifold doors provide sufficient opening compared to sliding patio doors.

  6. Best warp-resistance when opening and closing. 

  7. Elegant and sophisticated design when opened and stacked. 

Choosing a high-quality product such as alu-clad timber door frames may help save you on your energy bills and upkeep costs. Opting for an inexpensive alternative might save you money right now, but over the long term, these materials will only keep costing to spend more money on upkeep and replacement. 

Stylish Solutions For Your Home 

Our range of high-end premium alu-clad bi-folding doors come in an assortment of configurations. Choose from either single to eight-panel configurations, allowing for effortless opening and can neatly be folded and stacked on frictionless rollers. 

The FWD Glazing range of alu-clad bi-fold doors is available in both the Classic and Softline Profiles. Each of these profiles is available in a range of bespoke colours and bifold door hardware, offering your home a sleek and contemporary look that will elevate your interior spaces while providing efficient protection from outside elements. 

Our range of bi-folding doors are: 

  • Available in various configurations, including two to ten-panel combinations. 

  • A choice of Open Out Only allows for maximum floor space in your home. 

  • The Softwood Profile helps uplift the interior elements of your home. 

  • High-grade aluminium bifold doors are low maintenance. 

  • Frictionless rollers help for easy operation when opening and closing. 

  • Allows you to effortlessly create an indoor and outdoor living space. 

Alu Clad Bi-Fold Doors vs French And Standard Patio Doors 

Thinking of why you should choose external bifold doors or timber bifold doors? Here’s where the difference may lie with each of these internal doors and external doors.

French doors continue to hold their place in many homes across the country, providing a more traditional look to homes. These folding sliding doors have become synonymous with traditional patios, allowing for a simple solution that’s both low-cost and requires minimal design. 

Unlike bi-fold doors, French doors can swing outwards or inwards, depending on the configuration, and can take up additional space. With bi-folding doors, the folding panels can all open in one direction and can be stacked on either side. These doors take up less space when opened, and create a more minimal appeal.

Another traditional solution that has found a place in many homes over the years is sliding doors. These doors are available in either aluminium or wooden frames, with a standard glass pane. Unlike bi-folding doors, when used a sliding door only opens half over the door space. 

On top of that, folding doors tend to have multiple locking points, whereas a sliding door will typically only have one. Insulation tends to be less efficient with sliding doors, although some newer designs are more flush with the floor and wall, allowing for improved thermal insulation. 

Finally, depending on the design, sliding doors are typically only available in one or another material, and may lead to increased maintenance and replacement costs in the future. 

Design Options​

Opening Functions

Available from 2 leaf to 10 leaf options


Multiple Options for Furniture & Colours

double glazing


Multiple options for door knobs, letterplates, bars and pulls.
triple glazing

Profiles & Glass

Choose from various glass styles and door profiles.
secondary glazing


Available in a multitude of colours and finishes to suit your project.

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