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uPVC and Composite Doors

The main draw to uPVC doors is the affordability and their increased thermal efficiency. Perfect as a cost effective solution, using a steel frame surrounded with uPVC materials.

Composite doors are made from a mixture of materials and provide the same functionality but with a higher standard.

uPVC and Composite doors can be specified with a choice of 70mm bevelled or sculptured profile systems from VEKA and Halo perfectly matching with the windows. The PVCu doors are available in a variety of styles, can be inward or outward opening and have multiple glazing options providing a versatile solution for any type of building. 

Step into your garden in style with a pair of new French doors. Available in uPVC, wood or aluminium, our exterior French doors are manufactured to the highest standard.

Choose from double or triple-glazing in a range of colours and two popular design options: fully glazed or with half panels added to the bottom of each door. Practical and stylish, French doors are the perfect choice for updating doors at the rear of your home.

White Residential Door


Residential and French Doors can be specified with a choice of 70mm bevelled or sculptured profile systems from VEKA and Halo perfectly matching with the windows. The PVCu doors are available in a variety of styles, can be inward or outward opening and have multiple glazing options providing a versatile solution for any type of building.

uPVC and Composite Doors


HALO residential and French Doors offer an advanced, highly-functional solution to fit a range of applications. These doors sit within System 10, a fully integrated 70mm system featuring a modern bevelled design. The PVCU doors can be tailored to suit a range of specifications. From their aesthetic appeal to their optimised functionality; Halo residential and french doors are available in a variety of styles, with multiple glazing options and a choice between inward and outward opening. 



The Matrix Fully Sculptured Residential and French Doors have been designed to mirror the aesthetics of traditional timber doors, but provide the increased performance of PVCU. They have the benefit of advanced durability, security and thermal performance as well as being available in a wide variety of colours and styles — the best of both worlds. 

uPVC and Composite Doors


VEKA M70 Residential and French Doors offer a stunning and functional product for any type of building. Integrated with a 70mm multi-bevelled profile system, with a clean contemporary design; these doors provide the increased thermal efficiency, security, durability associated with PVCU, with all the choice and versatility of a more traditional solution. 

Timber & Alu Clad Residential & French Doors

We also provide high quality single and double Doors in Timber and Alu Clad Timber, that have a traditional elegance that will create a stunning entrance to any home.

Made to measure from solid timber and customised to suit your individual taste, our French Doors can help you create a classic or contemporary look, embellished with a choice of hand-crafted and bespoke features, from extra transoms and mullions through to factory finished stains and colours.

As we place great importance on performance and security, our French doors are Secured by Design and come with three-point high security locking systems as standard. We also offer a choice of highly energy efficient glazing options and weatherproof finishes to help keep your home both warm and safe.

  • Solid timber

  • Customisable

  • Single or double

  • Open in or open out

  • Can be used as entrance door too if desired


Available in multiple styles, colours, finishes and furniture.

Standard Colours

Various Glazing Types

double glazing

Double Glazing

Double glazing is our staple product and a customer favourite. They are A-rated as standard and upgradable to A+.

triple glazing

Triple Glazing

Invest in A+ or A++ rated triple glazing to keep more heat in when you need it, and out when you don’t.

secondary glazing

Secondary Glazing

Ideal for listed buildings, secondary glazing is a cost-effective window replacement option.

Multiple Door Materials, Furniture & Colours


Composite & uPVC Doors

The most energy-efficient option for modern and period homes, uPVC French doors are cost-effective and low maintenance. Find your favourite look from a variety of colours.

  • Budget-friendly

  • 10-year guarantee

  • Double and triple-glazing


Timber Doors

Handcrafted from sustainably-sourced timber, our wooden French door frames are laminated to give a long lifespan and resistance to the elements.

  • FSC-Certified timber

  • Over 200 paint and stain finishes

  • Natural insulator


Alu Clad Doors

Choose Alu Clad French doors for the ultimate combination of style and durability. Made from extruded alloy, our aluminium frames are slim and strong and come in a range of colours.

  • Hard-wearing design

  • Over 200 colours

  • Slim, lightweight frames


Maximise Energy Efficiency

Keep your house warm with FWD Glazing double glazed windows. Two 4mm glass panes separate a 16mm cavity to reduce heat loss through your windows. Your home will be more energy efficient and you’ll save money on your heating bills. Our top-performing A++ rated triple glazed windows are designed with the latest energy-saving glazing technology so can reduce heat loss even further.

Stay Safe and Secure

Keep your house safe with FWD Glazing double glazing. Our windows are made from durable materials designed to withstand forced entry with tried and tested security features. Available in uPVC, wood or aluminium.