Why Aluminium?

The benefits of choosing aluminium windows and doors for your  project are endless. Aluminium is inherently strong and lightweight, with high insulation levels and resistance to corrosion.  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of aluminium window frames is their strength. While all metal windows are strong, the aluminium alloys used to make window frames are incredibly strong which makes them perfect for large windows.

As well as being strong, aluminium window frames are robust and durable, their powder coating is resistant to corrosion and their strength makes them hard to damage. With aluminium windows, you don’t have to worry about the exposure to the elements damaging your frames because the powder coating will prevent water from getting into your frames and causing them to rot, which can happen with timber. You also don’t have to worry about extreme temperatures causing them to warp or crack as you would with uPVC. Even steel windows can weaken over time in the cold but that is not an issue with aluminium windows either. They will actually increase in strength when exposed to chilly temperatures.

Why Aluminium?

Aluminium windows are growing in popularity. They may not be the cheapest choice, but you will save on heating costs, there is no maintenance, and it will be a long time before you need to think about window replacements again. With lightweight frames and more glass, you will be making the most of the incoming light and ensuring you get the best view from your windows.

Aluminium windows also provide thermal and acoustic insulation, protecting you from the cold and blocking out traffic noise. They are also the ‘green’ choice as aluminium is almost 100% recyclable; not that this will be an issue as the frames can last as long as thirty years.

Modern aluminium windows come with a Grade A energy rating. This is achieved by the use of a thermal barrier inside the frame which ensures that warm and cold air stays on the appropriate side of the window. This barrier is put in place during construction of the window frame, and special seals are used in the rebate regions to ensure the frame is airtight. There is very little heat loss with an aluminium window, and draughts will be a thing of the past.

Combine this with energy saving double glazing and your home will be warm and cosy while your heating bills will be reduced.

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