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Why Timber?

There’s nothing quite like the traditional and classic elegance provided by natural timber. An organic material, carefully and meticulously shaped enhances the facade of any home or building. 

Timber is a trusted material that has been used for centuries. For decades, those before us have used timber to construct homes, build windows and doors, and have found many other functional uses for this sturdy and robust material. 

Today, timber can be transformed into a quality product, providing thermal efficiency, security, combined with a unique set of styles, incorporated with glass, double and triple glazing, uPVC windows and extensive range of designs, timber windows and doors helps to supply your home with a classic character from the front door to the stable door.

Why Timber?

Why choose timber for your windows and doors? 

To summarise, timber is one of the oldest materials around, and provides sufficient warmth and character to your home. New designs, such as uPVC windows and uPVC doors help to compliment contemporary homes and elevate the sophisticated features of natural materials perfectly handcrafted. 

Why are timber windows and doors popular? 

Other than being a classic and timeless window and door frame, timber frames are strong and durable. Our range of timber frames has an extended performance cycle, with a life expectancy of 60 years and longer. 

Are timber windows and doors affordable? 

FWD Glazing provides bespoke service, and stocks only the best doors and windows made from top-grade quality materials. As one of the top-rated window and door suppliers in your area, we guarantee value for money and exceptional quality service and products. 

Can timber doors and frames help insulate my house? 

Insulation is a key part of our business. Our timber windows and timber doors are all made-to-measure and have been traditionally crafted to ensure elegant design and maximum energy efficiency. Our naturally sourced timber is an eco-friendly alternative that helps to keep your home warm in the winter and light and breezy during the summer months. 

Where does FWD Glazing source its timber from? 

All our timber is sustainably sourced from the forests of Northern Scandinavia. We have collaborated with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure ethical management of all our softwoods. These efforts ensure that we can lower our carbon footprint at home while protecting our forests for the next generation. 

Still, wondering why timber? Our comprehensive range of elegant timber window and door designs is the ideal option for any modern home or restoration project that helps to add value and traditional character to the facade of any property.

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