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Alu Clad Timber Residential & French Doors

Traditional sophistication meets practical elegance with alu-clad timber residential doors. A combination of natural and ethically sourced timber wood detailing on the interior, paired with high-quality, low-maintenance aluminium shell on the exterior allows for maximum thermal efficiency and high-performance alu-clad timber residential doors with a sleek modern design

What Are Aluminium Clad Timber Doors?

Alu-clad residential doors use practical high-end materials to provide your home with the best low-maintenance and energy-efficient solution. 

Alu-clad timber doors feature two sides, an interior and an exterior.

Interior Design: The interior design of alu-clad timber doors features high-end ethically sourced Scandinavian timber. The natural beauty and wood detailing elevate the interior design of your home, without having to compromise on quality or practicality. 

Exterior Design: On the outside of alu-clad timber doors, you will benefit from a durable powder-coated aluminium-clad exterior. This design helps to provide additional protection against the most severe weather conditions. The aluminium cladding is a low-maintenance option that provides durable protection and thermal energy efficiency. 

To provide your home with maximum benefit, FWD Glazing offers a range of made-to-mesure traditional timber windows and doors. More than this, our team of experts can provide you with assistance in finding alu clad windows and aluminium clad timber windows – available in double or triple glazing bars -to match your clad doors and help give your home a a new range of modern windows.

Benefits Of Alu Clad Timber Residential & French Doors

Maximum Strength and Security 

The blend of sophisticated materials and design makes alu-clad timber doors stronger, and more durable and increases security benefits. The FWD Glazing and Windows alu clad timber residential doors range are all tested to both PAS24 and “Security By Design” standards. These standard tests are supported by comprehensive warranties. 

Furthermore, alu-clad timber doors are fitted with security-grade glazed window panes. Instead of relying on traditional, single-pane glass, there is the choice of double and triple glazing for maximum security and energy benefits. 

Aluminium cladding on the exterior of the door helps to minimise the possibility of unwanted visitors removing any parts of the door. Other security features include the fitting and installation of sturdy and durable hardware, including handles on alu-clad timber front doors which can resist a variety of intrusion methods. 

Designed For Practicality And Functionality 

The solid timber door coated with an exterior aluminium skin makes alu-clad timber doors the perfect choice for a residential home. Alu-clad timber French doors combine both sophisticated timeless design with modern high-end durable materials. 

The exterior aluminium skin can be coated in nearly any type of RAL Colour. Instead of having to rely on traditional designs and colours, you can now choose a colour of your choice that suits both your needs and the design of your home. 

Alu-clad timber doors provide a sense of security and protection. The option to install an alu-clad door, either as a front door, back door or patio door, will help to minimise unwanted intrusion, and the aluminium skin helps to protect the timber door against external elements and weather. 

Choose a door that can be customised to your design appeal, and give your home a sophisticated look and feel with an alu-clad timber residential door that elevates your home’s curb appeal in a truly unique and modern way. 

Alu Clad Timber Doors Thermal Performance 

By using solid timber doors, you minimise the need for additional thermal cladding. The blend of high-quality timber wood and aluminium helps to create a complex internal cladding that helps to provide your home with increased thermal insulation.

With an exterior aluminium skin, alu-clad timber residential doors help to boost thermal transmittance or U-values. The sophisticated design of FWD Glazing Windows and Doors’ alu-clad residential doors helps to trap heat on the inside, and simultaneously barricade any cold air or rain on the outside.

Laminated safety glass panes typically take up the largest part of the door, however, new innovative design technology enables you to choose between either double or triple-glazed surfacing. For the ultimate protection, and to ensure low U-values, FWD Glazing specialists recommended triple glazing for maximum energy efficiency and building quality. 

A Modern Solution 

For the price of alu-clad doors, you will elevate your lifestyle and further improve the energy efficiency of your home, which translates into long-term savings on heating and energy bills

Alu-clad residential doors provide sophisticated style and protection. The exterior aluminium skin wanes off any unwanted weather, such as wind and rain. The powdered coating helps to protect against things such as rust or mould being trapped inside the door. 

The heavy-duty solid timber frame help to elevate the interior of your home while providing you with maximum views of the outside. Space between individual panes can be further filled and supported with argon. This helps to further improve temperature resistance and helps to reduce the loss of heat and energy.

Alu-clad timber French doors are a residential solution for the modern home seeking well-designed and high-end options that can help improve home energy efficiency, and provide a long-term safety solution. 

Alu Clad Timber Residential & French Doors

Available in Single & Double French


Multiple Options for Furniture & Colours



Multiple options for door knobs, letterplates, bars and pulls.


Profiles & Glass

Choose from various glass styles and door profiles.



Available in a multitude of colours and finishes to suit your project.

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